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Each day High Tech Youth pushes out a Daily Broadcast to just under 7000 youth across the Network. Check out a couple of the latest projects and presentations from youth at High Tech Youth Studios from across the Pacific.

Daily Broadcasts highlight the young people's thinking in the work they are doing and linking outcomes to their personal development goals and sharing this with other young people,  a very powerful way to create learning together from around the globe!


Being a learning community.....



High Tech Youth - Daily Broadcast

Today we hear from Malanai, Studio Shaka, who recently has been out doing some photographing of a lava flow from Pu'u O'o vent on the Big Island of Hawaii. He says this new flow started about a month ago and is set to hit the ocean within the coming weeks. Hear the story of his journey in this project here!



Nurturing remarkable young people and their futures through the power of culture, community and advanced technology



At High Tech Youth we believe that every child, every young person has an immense capacity to create, explore and craft amazing futures.

So High Tech Youth has created a collaborative learning community and powerful technology that combines each small light of creativeness and adds this to thousands of other youth and caring adults across the largest area of planet earth, the Pacific region. So together we can impact for good our communities, 21st century learning and economic horizons.

 High Tech Youth aims to help young people express their creativity and ideas through experiential use of technology and design thinking. We also recognise the power of social networking, so by connecting youth in community, schools and organisations safely to each other online, along with inspirational adult mentors means immediately every child has the potential to positively transform their world around them, achieve greater results at school and develop pathways towards higher learning and careers.