Adobe Project 1324 supports, connects, and amplifies a global community of emerging artists who are using creativity as a force for positive impact.
Through a series of global digital art projects co-hosted with some of the world’s most inspiring organizations, Project 1324 provides opportunities for emerging creatives to connect, collaborate on projects, and increase the visibility and impact of their work.


HTY Tech Shed is a commercial enterprise with social foundations. 

The commercial activity carried out within Tech Shed provides our youth the opportunities to engage in the development of ideas and business practices.
We have found out that when you allow young people to play, create and invent things that matter to them, they develop an attitude of determination and tenacity.


With the backing of venture capital, for some of our youth this resulted in them starting their own businesses, allowing them to fully participate in the emergent broadband economy right from within their own community or village.
Our aim is to nurture the entrepreneurial growth of our young people, allowing them to recognize that there is value attached to knowledge and through their skills both individually or collaboratively, weave out a story that is not only authentic and relevant but marketable.


Through the support of ADOBE Project 1324 Tech Shed is providing internships for young people in the ICT and digital arts sector, including TV production