One Definition is: ELO’s help improve outcomes for children & young people by providing expanded learning enrichment and engagement, normally after school, leveraging community & industry resources to offer instruction and experiential learning opportunities through project based learning, often by using cyber technology to support design and thinking. ELOs incorporate strategies such as hands-on learning, working in teams and collaborative problem-solving to contribute to a well-rounded education.


What happens at a HTY Studio?


What is Expanded Learning Opportunities?


Mentors at a HTY Studio


Peer learning (Tuakana teina) at a HTY Studio


Studio’s are a creative space, some are purpose built facilities & dedicated spaces, many are not - what ever works for the affiliate & the communities. This includes schools (often a shared space like a classroom or library), not-for-profit organisations, island villages and settlements, iwi (tribal) organisations, government agencies and faith based organisations.

Studio is experiential learning for 8-25 year olds that is project based but with a digital learning focus – so we really centre on project based learning that is backed with the passion of the young person, their culture and the design thinking going into the project.

So we are creating technology as opposed to teaching technology. Technical skills are developed through designing, making, creating and sharing with peers and mentors. This can include creating animations, 3d printing, coding, making a game, movie or music and more. At Studio this occurs both with peers at the Studio and online through the dedicated learning portal that connects all youth together through interest based “Crew Pads”. Projects can be uploaded and every other day live webinars and training is happening, often young people will learn along side adults, as we support whanau, family style learning – and that includes teachers too!

High Tech Youth helps affiliates with training, connecting each day through Daily Broadcasts, sponsored software and a learning community of thousands.


HTY Online Learning Portal "Crew Pads"